5.0 star rating 


"Best security company I've encountered so far and iv dealt with quite a few. They don't just hide somewhere all day they make their presence known! Personally watched them de-escalate few situations and witnessed them stop two theifs in the act. Definitely feel safer shopping at places their at. Period."



"Paiz táctical protection  is a very  Professional and courteous company. Went to an atm late at  night to one of the shopping centers they patrol and there  was a creepy guy standing by the atms, the security  officer saw  that i looked uncomfortable and offered to escort me to the atm  and Back to my car. Really  appreciated  it, we need more security companies like that."              NORMA G.


"I have to say that I'm very thankful to have Paiz Tactical Protection team of Guard's protecting us they go above and beyond to make sure we are safe. I highly recommend Paiz Tactical Protection Security, to anyone in need of protection. Paiz Tactical Protection Security provides Commercial, Residential and Individual services they are Ethical, Professional BUT most IMPORTANTLY, they care for YOU!

Thank you Paiz Tactical Protection, for your great service and for looking out for our safety!" ANITAS INSURANCE AGENCY A.


"My commercial property management company utilizes Paiz Tactical at one of our largest shopping centers. From day one we've received nothing but positive feedback from our tenants. We've used multiple security companies and they have proven that they are honest, reliable, hardworking & very knowledgeable about the business. Prior to obtaining their contracts they will make multiple site visits to get a feel for the area & security concerns and they are always available and responsive to both management and tenants. Many of our tenants have sent in written statements thanking us for hiring them and tell us they feel much safer now that Paiz is around. If you're looking for an honest security company that does what they say they're going to do and more, you've found 'em!"                                                                                      CANDICE P.